Netuitive Taps Into Splunk Machine Data


The Splunk® Enterprise platform can be a rich source of machine-generated big data coming from the websites, applications, servers, networks and mobile devices that power business.  Netuitive's plug-in gives our users access to this data as saved searches, which normalizes the data to be leveraged by Netuitive's intelligent analytics.

To Download the Splunk Plug-In for Netuitive

If you are already a Netuitive customer:

This integration is currently only available by request.  As use cases will vary by customer and data extracted from Splunk, customization from Professional Services is required. Customers can log into the Netuitive Support Site to open up a support ticket to request the Splunk Integration.

The support request should provide details on the desired use case. Support will involve the appropriate Netuitive staff who will coordinate with the customer for access to the integration.

If you are not yet a Netuitive customer:

Contact us for more information about how Netuitive applies our intelligent analytics to rich data sources like Splunk and dozens of others to help you visualize, isolate, and proactively address application performance problems before they impact the business.