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DevOps – What’s Missing?

Betsy Nichols, Chief Data Scientist, Netuitive DevOps thought leaders such as John Willis and Gene Kim have published frameworks for how to describe, define and measure the effectiveness of DevOps. Willis proposed a taxonomy to identify certain patterns that characterize DevOps: Culture, Automation, Measurement, and Sharing, aka CAMS. Gene Kim has identified three “ways” that define DevOps: Flow, Feedback, and Learning. read "DevOps – What’s Missing?"

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Development & Operations – Strange bedfellows shaping the future of business critical applications and services

Much has been written about what DevOps is … and what it is not. For some, DevOps is about inherently different development and operations folks coming together to collaborate more closely and leverage best practices for managing automation and cloud applications. They covet agility based on continuous integration accelerating code development and product releases and they live under a fundamental mantra of “build, test deploy.” read "Follow the Thought Leaders -- #devops"

Forget DevOps. How About DevOpsBiz?

By Graham Gillen By most common definitions, the DevOps movement is about more agile, responsive software development and deployment while not sacrificing the quality of service levels. But I think this ambition falls short of the ultimate possible goal I’ll call DevOpsBiz. read "Forget DevOps. How About DevOpsBiz?"

Anomaly Detection Algorithms in IT Operations Analytics

APMdigest interviewed Netuitive’s Chief Data Scientist, Dr. Elizabeth Nichols, about her role in working with large enterprise customers to develop highly accurate predictive IT analytic solutions. read "Anomaly Detection Algorithms in IT Operations Analytics"

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IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) -- The Next BIG thing in IT

For years IT has struggled with escalating problems associated with business performance and availability. Rapid increases data volume, variety and velocity, and system complexity have turned IT operations management into an overwhelming challenge frequently resulting in headline grabbing outages and business failures. read "@Follow the Thought Leaders"

Big Data Takes on IT Management

Netuitive was recently interviewed for a story in the latest issue of Modern Infrastructure. In the article entitled "Big Data Takes on IT Management - IT generates a lot of operational data. Could big data make it more meaningful?" the author makes the point of increasingly complex, cloud-based applications and infrastructure creating a need for "Big Data" IT operations analytics in the enterprise. read "Big Data Takes on IT Management"

Netuitive Partner Amasol Sees Emerging Demand for IT Operations Analytics

IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) is seeing traction in Germany and the EU. read "Netuitive Partner Amasol Sees Emerging Demand for IT Operations Analytics"

Anomalies that Matter! needles in a haystack

By Dr. Elizabeth A. Nichols, Chief Data Scientist As Netuitive’s Chief Data Scientist, I am fortunate to work closely with some of the worlds’ largest banks, telcos, and eCommerce companies. Increasingly the executives that I speak with at these companies are no longer focused on just detecting application performance anomalies - they want to understand the impact this has on the business. read "Anomalies that Matter!"

IT Analytics Are Moving Beyond Early Adoption

Dr. Elizabeth A. Nichols, Chief Data Scientist After several months getting settled into my role as Chief Data Scientist for Netuitive I have focused on learning the product’s capabilities and limits and have been struck by the depth of intelligence and automation that have been built during nearly 20 years of cumulative R&D. read "IT Analytics Are Moving Beyond Early Adoption"

Survey: Splunk User Wish List for Advanced Analytics and Anomaly Detection

Application and IT Infrastructure Performance are Top Use Cases

by Graham Gillen Netuitive recently posted a survey to the Splunk LinkedIn User Group and readers of APMdigest. Here's a summary of the results. read "Survey: Splunk User Wish List for Advanced Analytics and Anomaly Detection"