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Netuitive Tagline Reflects Customer Promise

Customers Confirm Importance of Analytics to Correlate Application Performance to Business Outcomes

Netuitive recently changed our tagline. Why did we do it? read "Netuitive Tagline Reflects Customer Promise"

Collaboration – at the heart of VIP and successful operational adoption

By Jason Simpson In a recent blog on operational adoption published in SOAWorld Magazine, Netuitive Founder Bob Farzami pointed to a white paper examining the challenges standing in the way of proactive management and outlined a methodology for best practices to ensure rapid time-to-value and implementation success. read "Collaboration – at the heart of VIP and successful operational adoption"

Interview with Gartner - Analytics vs. APM

In APMdigest's exclusive interview, Will Cappelli, Gartner Research VP in Enterprise Management, talks about his latest report: Will IT Operations Analytics Platforms Replace APM Suites? read "Interview with Gartner - Analytics vs. APM"

Analyzing the Business Impact of IT : The Next Big Thing for CIOs?

Analytics - specifically analytics about how IT impacts the business - seem to be "the next big thing" for CIOs according to Gartner and a recent ZDNet article. The idea is closer to reality than you might think. read "Analyzing the Business Impact of IT : The Next Big Thing for CIOs?"

Does IT Operations Analytics Threaten APM?

Gartner discusses the emerging importance of analytics.

Gartner recently published an important report titled "Will IT Operations Analytics Platforms Replace APM Suites?" The research brief by Gartner Research VP Will Cappelli is based on Gartner client Inquiries about enterprise performance and availability strategies and these enterprises report a near-universal commitment to the idea that monitoring, performance and availability should be application-centric. read "Does IT Operations Analytics Threaten APM?"

Losing Sleep Over Monitoring Complex Distributed Java Apps?

Analytics, Metrics and Modeling to the Rescue!

By Richard Park When IT people think about application performance monitoring, they're usually thinking about which metrics they should monitor. Some examples of resource metrics may include CPU utilization, disk queue length, and thread pool size. Examples of performance metrics may be application response time, responses per interval of time, and concurrent invocations of an application. read "Losing Sleep Over Monitoring Complex Distributed Java Apps?"

Black Friday and the Customer Chaos, er, “Experience”!

By Graham Gillen Over the last decade, Black Friday and other holiday periods have turned into major retail events rely heavily on the customer buying experience. In addition to making bad headlines, any glitches, delays or downtime go straight to the bottom line and impact future customer buying patterns as well... read "Black Friday and the Customer Chaos, er, “Experience”!"

The Trend Towards Open IT Analytics Platforms

By Graham Gillen It’s no secret that one of the biggest challenges for APM is to deliver greater value faster by demonstrating how application performance impacts the business. In fact, Gartner defines the highest level of maturity in IT operations involving the ability to effectively correlate business metrics to IT metrics across silos. read "The Trend Towards Open IT Analytics Platforms"

Behind the Scenes for the iPhone 5 Launch at a Large Wireless Carrier

By Jay Patel It’s quite exciting when, as a Solutions Architect for an IT analytics vendor, you get invited to be in a Network Operating Center (NOC) for their launch of the iPhone 5, as I was privileged to be a part of. read "Behind the Scenes for the iPhone 5 Launch at a Large Wireless Carrier"

APM-generated Big Data Boom !

A survey of IT professionals in the US and UK reveals explosive growth in the volume and complexity of performance data being generated by application infrastructures. This deluge of data, sometimes referred to as ‘APM-generated Big Data,’ is becoming impossible to correlate and interpret with traditional monitoring tools. This increases the challenge for business owners and senior IT officials needing to assess overall health of critical applications and their impact on the business. read "APM-generated Big Data Boom !"