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The Trend Towards Open IT Analytics Platforms

By Graham Gillen It’s no secret that one of the biggest challenges for APM is to deliver greater value faster by demonstrating how application performance impacts the business. In fact, Gartner defines the highest level of maturity in IT operations involving the ability to effectively correlate business metrics to IT metrics across silos. read "The Trend Towards Open IT Analytics Platforms"

Behind the Scenes for the iPhone 5 Launch at a Large Wireless Carrier

By Jay Patel It’s quite exciting when, as a Solutions Architect for an IT analytics vendor, you get invited to be in a Network Operating Center (NOC) for their launch of the iPhone 5, as I was privileged to be a part of. read "Behind the Scenes for the iPhone 5 Launch at a Large Wireless Carrier"

APM-generated Big Data Boom !

A survey of IT professionals in the US and UK reveals explosive growth in the volume and complexity of performance data being generated by application infrastructures. This deluge of data, sometimes referred to as ‘APM-generated Big Data,’ is becoming impossible to correlate and interpret with traditional monitoring tools. This increases the challenge for business owners and senior IT officials needing to assess overall health of critical applications and their impact on the business. read "APM-generated Big Data Boom !"

Do you need Mr. Spock to run your Enterprise?

By Neil MacGowan, Technical Director There has long been a debate over whether “Science Fiction is the precursor to Science Fact”, and there is much evidence to suggest that many of the things dreamt up in the imaginations of authors and screenwriters have indeed become reality in the fullness of time. read "Do you need Mr. Spock to run your Enterprise?"

Gartner blog examining APM-generated Big Data

From a new Gartner blog by analyst Jim Sinur …… “This organization had billions of metrics to monitor that crossed multiple technology providers, systems and business units. This presented a challenge for building a baseline of history, projecting and analyzing problems and suggesting proper reactions”. Find out how they did it here read "Gartner blog examining APM-generated Big Data"

IT Operations Analytics and Splunk – Is all the gold found only in mining IT logs?

Much has been made about the IPO of Splunk and how Splunk was both smart and fortuitous in its implementation and positioning of a new way to essentially analyze log data for IT troubleshooting use cases.  But what other use cases are there to consider, even those complementary to Splunk’s primary use case? read "IT Operations Analytics and Splunk – Is all the gold found only in mining IT logs?"

The Challenge of Monitoring Complex Java Applications

As any IT administrator worth his salt knows, the challenge of application performance monitoring has increased exponentially. One of the biggest culprits is the inability to monitor and correlate complex Java application data. Monitoring the behavior of Java applications is a challenging at best. Correlating this data with other IT performance and business metric data is almost impossible because of the sheer amount of data and the existence of silos in the enterprise that inhibit data sharing. Today, conventional application performance monitoring approaches typically fall into two approaches: read "The Challenge of Monitoring Complex Java Applications"

Big IT Data = Big APM Challenge

In a recent APMdigest, Netuitive CEO, Nicola Sanna, examined the transformation taking place in IT where APM, BSM, and predictive analytic software platforms are coming together in large scale enterprise APM solutions. read "Big IT Data = Big APM Challenge"

Check out

Previously titled BSMdigest, the change reflects the online publication’s increasing focus on Application Performance Management (APM). read "Check out"

Netuitive Wins at VMworld Again !!

Award Marks Third Time in Five Years for Innovative Approach to Virtualization and Critical Application Performance Management

Pictured here - the intrepid Netuitive team after receiving the award at VMworld - from left to right: Lee Lawson, Roy Kiesler, Neil Casey, Graham Gillen, Tom Mack, (Seated - Berkay Mollamustafaoglu) read "Netuitive Wins at VMworld Again !!"