Predictive Analytics for IT

Smarter analytics for better business outcomes.

Today's business environments put greater demands than ever on Application Support and IT Operations Teams (DevOps).  It is no longer sufficient to just manage the performance and availability of services.  DevOps teams must show positive impact on business outcomes.

At the same time, critical business services are increasingly architected as loosely coupled applications running on physical and virtual infrastructure - making it increasingly difficult to monitor customer experience and mitigate business-impacting performance problems.

This calls for a transformational, analytics-driven approach to service performance management to help companies:

Drive better performance with advanced analytics.

Netuitive's advanced analytics platform assures the performance of mission-critical applications and the complex and dynamic environments that support them. Netuitive adds an intelligence layer on top of your existing systems, application, and business monitoring tools. Enabled by our patented Behavior Learning Engine™, Netuitive continuously correlates and analyzes in real time every contributor to application health, anywhere in your enterprise, to deliver your current reactive, break-fix approach to performance management into a truly proactive experience. 

The Only Self-learning Performance Management Solution Based on Proven Mathematics.

Only Netuitive eliminates labor-intensive and error-prone rules and thresholds. Instead, Netuitive automatically aggregates and normalizes incoming systems and application data from your existing but disparate monitoring tools. Then it applies advanced mathematics and statistical analysis to self-learn your environment's normal operating characteristics. When it detects or forecasts anomalies it delivers the industry's most accurate indicators of impending performance issues — so you can take corrective actions long before users even know there’s a problem.

Learn more about Netuitive’s Key Features and the self-learning analytics technology that make the promise of proactive service management a reality.

Enabling Transformational Solutions.

Leading industry analysts agree that behavior learning technology will transform performance management of mission critical applications and their underlying physical, and cloud IT infrastructures. The good news is, it’s already happening. Netuitive IT analytics software is already at work. Some of the world's largest companies count on Netuitive every day for effective proactive performance management solutions for: