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AWS Billing Analysis

AWS Billing Made Clear, Simple, & Actionable

Catch spending trends, compare cost periods, and lower your AWS bill.

Make AWS Billing Transparent

See every expenditure with full clarity. Metricly’s Billing analysis enables thorough investigation into cost deltas and makes tracking spending trends as simple as selecting a time-frame.

aws billing analysis
aws billing report

Visualize Your Costs In Any Dimension

Switch between Period Comparison and Stacked View to focus on different dimensions of your cost data.

Drill Into AWS Spending Trends

aws spending trends

Get the whole picture or zero-in on just one service and examine key cost indicators by availability zone, usage type, tags, and more.

  • Include/exclude specific cost sources using services, tags, attributes, or element names

  • Compare historical cost periods to current ones to track billing objectives and stop over-expenditure

  • Group by applications, services, purchase types, and more to understand resource consumption rates across your environment

  • View day-by-day breakdowns of service spend

Review Findings in a Straightforward Cost Table

Sort spend items and download them as a CSV file. You can also save each version of your report to keep track of different savings initiatives or project costs.

Receive Reports & Cost Alerts Via Email

Create customer reports and schedule them for emailed delivery into your team’s inbox. Set filters based on conditions such as percentage change by sub-category and notify your team when a condition is breached.

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