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Analyze, Manage, & Optimize Your AWS Cost

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Lower Cloud Cost

Users find an average of 32% savings from wasted spend


No Billing Surprises

Catch a sudden rise on spend before it becomes problematic


Optimized resources

Analyze AWS performance, capacity, and cost in one view

Bill Analysis

End the Complication of AWS Billing

  • Total Cost Dashboard

    When using the AWS services cost report, you can easily see all of your costs at a glance with 4 dashboard widgets.

  • AWS Services Cost

    A full breakdown of your AWS Services, sortable by: Service, Total Cost, Comparison Period Cost, Delta, and Delta %.



Find The Perfect EC2 For Any Scenario

  • EC2 Recommendation

    We analyze EC2s resource utilization (ex. CPU, memory) to give recommendations for right-sizing your instances.

  • Utilization Box-plot

    Visualize utilization of AWS elements, making it easy to identify where your environment is over- or under-provisioned.


“Great AWS cost saving features and performance monitoring capabilities”

  • Ease of Use
  • Features & Functionality
  • Customer Support
  • Value for Money

James W.
Product Ops and IT Manager

“I love the weekly AWS potential cost saving notifications. We’ve been able to reduce our monthly costs by resizing several EC2 instances. The performance monitoring and alerts have helped us with proactive issue resolution before our customers noticed and performance issues. Customer support is always ready and eager to help with any issues or questions…”

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Viewpost Gets Insights To Cut AWS Cost in Half

Result: Clarity of AWS costs, right-sized EC2 instances, and actionable performance alerting.

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Plan Reserved Instances

We analyze your usage on an hourly basis so you won’t overbuy reservations.

  • Get recommendation for RI purchases.
  • Visualize historic usage data, with filters, groups and tags.
  • Hourly usage data used to avoid costly overbuying mistakes. Learn More

Fine Tune Auto-Scaling-Groups

Get tuning suggestions to fit your risk tolerance with cost-savings for each “what-if” scenario.

  • See historical ASG instance count with utilization.
  • Receive hourly web-hooks to trigger changes.

Uncover Idle Resources

Find unused AWS resources that are costing you money.

  • See EBS volumes attached to a stopped EC2
  • See EBS volumes not attached to an EC2
  • Receive an emailed report.

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