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Visibility across your entire environment with pre-built integrations.

With over 65+ integrations, Netuitive provides users reliable and easy to deploy collection agents that enable full stack monitoring in a single solution. Whether you need to monitor your operating system and middleware, or gather real user monitoring (RUM) statistics from your end-users’ browsers, enable byte-code instrumentation for your Java application, or push your own custom data, setting up a data source in Netuitive only takes minutes.

As soon as the metrics come in, Netuitive immediately learns the behavior of each component and automatically discovers correlations across the metrics for powerful anomaly detection throughout your application stack. DevOps teams now have the versatile monitoring tool they’ve always wanted and won’t have to log in to multiple tools to troubleshoot.

Pre-Built Integrations


Netuitive integrates with popular enterprise platforms to collect metrics and data to power custom analytics and reporting.

Paid Support

Netuitive also integrates with the following paid-support platforms:

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Netuitive also provides full API documentation to support ingest of custom metrics and also encourages our community to build their own.

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