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Frequently Asked Questions

What is included per host?

Netuitive charges per host server, and includes up to 150 metrics collected through Netuitive data sources or agents. A host can be a physical or virtual (e.g. AWS EC2) server independent of the number of CPUs and cores. Metrics collected from the middleware, database, and application layers are included in the per-host fee.

How many users can we have?

We don’t limit user creation or the amount of users that you can have, so everyone on your team can have access to your account. We find this helps everyone get on the same page and avoids the trouble of having to share a login.

How long do you store my data?

For standard accounts, Netuitive keeps data on standard accounts for 12 months. For trial accounts, Netuitive retains data for the duration of your trial.

What support is available?

Netuitive’s product documentation walks through all setup and configuration details.  Should you need to submit a bug or speak live with a member of our support team, you can create a ticket in-product through the support pop up which is present on every page in the application.

How do I pay for Netuitive?

Many of our customers prefer to pay for their accounts up front and get our annual pricing discounts. We can also take monthly payments through credit cards.

Are other pricing options available?

In addition to our $15 per host per month price which is billed annually, we also offer a monthly billing option without an annual commitment at the price of $18 per host per month. The granularity of our metering is hourly which accommodates short lived cloud-based instances.

How do you account for overages?

If your monthly usage is above your annual commitment, you are provided with a 7-day grace period to decide whether to increase your annual commitment at your current subscription rate, or pay at the hourly rate for the prior month’s overage. Our hourly rate is $0.03125 per hour per host which is the pro-rated equivalent of $22.50 per month per host.

Do you have volume pricing for large environments?

There are volume discounts available for enterprise accounts with over 250 hosts. Our sales team will be happy to work out the details with you.

Will I be charged for every EC2, host and plugin?

When you pay for one host, the price includes the data that we collect from your cloud provider (example: EC2), the agent that you can install on your host to collect a rich set of metrics, and the plugins that you enable such as: RabbitMQ, NGINX, or Redis.

How do you charge for Docker containers?

Each host can have up to 10 containers per hour at no additional cost.  Additional containers can be purchased on a prepaid basis at the rate of $1/month for an annual contract, or hourly at $0.002 per hour.

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