Scalable Cloud Monitoring
for DevOps Teams

Apply machine learning and analytics to monitor your cloud infrastructure and web application performance.

What is Netuitive monitoring?

Netuitive is a comprehensive monitoring and analytics platform designed with DevOps teams and modern application environments in mind. By ingesting metrics across your entire stack, Netuitive automatically correlates metrics between systems using advanced analytics.

Advanced analytics power Netuitive’s machine learning technology that learns expected behavior patterns of time series data and alerts you when relevant anomalies occur.

This gives users end-to-end monitoring coverage for application performance, as well as resource utilization and capacity planning.

Netuitive also provides AWS cost analysis reporting to help users monitor their current AWS utilization alongside costs and helps inform you how to scale your environment effectively while keeping costs under control.

Netuitive Core Features

Netuitive Cloud Integrations

Netuitive Integrations

Full Stack Monitoring

Netuitive ingests performance data across the entire application stack with easily configured collection agents. For custom data, Netuitive’s API documentation allows for custom data sources to support a variety of cloud monitoring requirements.

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Anomaly Detection

Decrease the volume and increase the quality of your alarms

Using machine learning technology, Netuitive tracks time-series data and automatically discovers statistical correlations between metrics. Netuitive combines anomaly detection technology with pre-configured policies based on best practices to produce proactive alarms, often giving operations teams and developers get ahead of performance problems before systems crash.

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Netuitive Anomaly Detection
Netuitive - Real-time Dashboard

Real-Time Dashboards

Fully customizable live monitoring dashboards

Enhance your performance monitoring using visual, easy-to-interpret dashboards that are pre-configured for key integrations. Netuitive’s widget library includes several options for visualizing time-series data, status of your hosts, middleware, and application services. Daily email reports give a snapshot of systems status and management review to keep everyone informed.

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Alarms and Notifications

Netuitive allows devops teams to get alerts through their preferred channels through a rich integration set with popular alarm forwarding services. Want to take your alarms to the next level? Trigger custom automation scripts to handle common tasks with Webhooks.

Alarms and Notifications
AWS Cost Reports

AWS Cost Analysis

Spending too much on AWS? Reduce cloud infrastructure costs without risk of downtime using Netuitive capacity optimization reports. These reports help identify under- and over-utilized resources with straightforward boxplot graphs and identify specific cost savings in your AWS environment. By measuring accurate utilization of your I/O and memory resources, you can reduce AWS costs and Netuitive pays for itself!

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