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Daily Email Report

Daily Email Reports

Netuitive can email a daily snapshot of your infrastructure and application status so your managers and other stakeholders can have regular visibility without having to login.

Customizable Dashboards

Create informative dashboards with Netuitive’s drag-and-drop dashboard builder and extensive widget library which offers real-time visualization of time-series data, status of your hosts, middleware and application services.

Customizable Dashboards
Utilization report

Utilization Reports

View each element’s utilization measurements from different dimensions. For example, CPU, memory, and I/O – allowing you to quickly locate the elements in your environment that are over- or under-provisioned.

Utilization Boxplot Report

Boxplots provide simple visualizations of each of your elements utilization over a determined period of time. It is the fastest way to compare your system utilization across hosts and clusters.

Utilization Boxplot
Top Violators

Top Violators Report

Display the elements in your environment that have triggered the most events within a selected time frame, allowing you to quickly locate the elements causing significant performance problems.

EC2 Estimated Cost Report

Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Estimated Cost reports display the estimated cost of each of your EC2 instances, allowing you to find areas of potential cost savings in your AWS environment.

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EC2 Estimated Cost
ASG Tuning Report

Auto Scaling Group Tuning Report

View your ASG’s historical workload patterns and tune the projected utilization as well as the optimal instance count according to your desired cost savings strategies and risk tolerance. Receive hourly notifications  to programmatically change your ASG’s instance count in real-time.

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