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In this live demo, we’ll cover:

  • Getting started with Netuitive
  • How machine learning and anomaly detection improve monitoring
  • Building and customizing informative dashboards
  • Netuitive’s Quick Start Monitoring Packages
  • Saving money on your AWS bill with cost savings and ASG Tuning reports

Netuitive’s comprehensive monitoring platform brings together performance, capacity, utilization, and billing data together in a single monitoring tool. Users can take advantage of powerful machine learning and analytics to reduce alert noise, get intelligent actionable insights from their data, and even save money on their AWS bill.

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Netuitive Dashboards

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Why use Netuitive monitoring?

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With 65+ (and counting!) native data integrations, you can monitor your entire stack with one tool. When troubleshooting time is reduced, problems go away faster.

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Stop reacting to false alarms and start proactively catching issues before systems crash. With anomaly detection, you can get a jump on issues before they become nightmares.

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Netuitive also helps you optimize AWS costs by identifying over- and under-provisioned resources. Seeing cost and performance together allows you to make more informed decisions when scaling your environment.